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Poetry by Sonny 2nd Edition
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Rant and Rave

Why is it that you are allowed to expressed yourself freely so long as you don't proffer a view that clashes with the status quo? If I hear another person go on about being Politically Correct I'll scream. Political Correctness is just plain wrong. It is a fascist tactic to suppress freedom of speach, and the free exchange in the marketplace of ideas. People with differing views rather than being accepted, are villified and worse. Wake up and smell the coffee. And don't let political correctness prevent you from expressing yourself honestly.

He who dares not offend cannot be honest. -- Thomas Paine

Wow, its 2002. I am excited to have this site listed on Google. I have a new web log which will serve as a repository for my rants and raves. I will update my web log on a daily basis. I aslo plan on adding new content to this site when I can find the time. To see my web log click here. Its fun. Its easy. Most of all its current. Enjoy.

Do you have someting to rant or rave about? Send me an email and I'll post your rant or rave here on my liltle outpost of the World Wide Web. ( Please keep your Rants to 250 words or less, much less. ;-) )

Send your Rants and Raves to the mailbox.

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