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Poetry by Sonny 2nd Edition
Nothing Devastated | Fear of Flying | Plastic Fantastic | Love is ..... | Dark Intentions, Desparate Ambitions *new* | Daisies *new* | Rant and Rave | breadbox opens *new*


Nothing Devastated

The winds blow
standing firmly I sway
holding ground
holding firmly to nothing

I feel the rain drops on my face
reminded of tears
the skys open up and cry out for me
I have not the will to endure
have not the keys to open a new door
still holding firmly
holding firmly to nothing

The clouds darken
storm clouds threatening
pray for the storms to pass ?
my prayer .... drops from my lips
like so many stones to the ground

Pray for my safety ?
Pray for my destruction ?
Pray for nothing

I pray for lightning
and stand firm
holding firmly to nothing

Nothing would be devastated
were lighting to strike

Nothing Devastated
And a new door may be opened

This Poem is in my opinion my best. It is certainly my favorite. I see layers of depth in this poem. It speaks to me on so many different levels. I hope you find something here,