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Poetry by Sonny 2nd Edition
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Dark Intentions, Desparate Ambitions *new*

Dark Intentions,
Desperate Ambitions

nothing in the way
save morality
those around me show ambiguity
I have observed many
been taught well
to rationalize away the years of learning
the truth
no light shines brighter
than the light you make yourself (they say)
I am still a good person, I have evolved (they say)
still others avoid the truth they claim to embrace
what a disgrace
what once was the best of intentions has become
dark intentions
wrought from desperate ambitions
the joy has turned to pain
the light is darkness
I'm still a good person (they claim)
while tossing their pearls to the swine
they trade truth for a lie
while others hold insanely to a truth they don't understand
never trying to comprehend
the truth becomes a sickness and perversion
never implemented
always heralded to others as the cure to all that's wrong
I'll take my wrongs over their sickness any day
the truth is love
love is to be lived
life fulfilled is light
love not lived
I have dark intentions
born of desperate ambitions
the truth is far from me
a light in the darkness I can't see
as I look around
look to those who have the truth
I see darkness
i hear
(they say)

This one is new. I'm not sure what to think of it yet.