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Poetry by Sonny 2nd Edition
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breadbox opens *new*

as I sit in the dark the breadbox opens
am I fast/
am I fast on my feet?
am I fast to my seat?
do I sit in the dark
take a walk in the park
eat yogurt in the tall grass by the lake
you are killing me
here I sit
sit and ponder nothing in particular
latter as I read the rambling incoherent thoughts which I am typing out
will I recall that i was thinking of you all the while
typing so much nonsense as i try and fail to block you out
out of my mind
that is after all what you do to me
and funny it is that you sit there day to day so unaware
of the power you have over me
I am so very powerful
with you I become weak
you scare me
i see
in an endless sea of randomness
what ?
you are still here?

There is no explaining this one. I was up late one night. This was just typing practice. It is such pure crap that I thought I'd share it with you. The moral of the story is that you shouldn't type randomly when you should be sleeping.