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Poetry by Sonny 2nd Edition
Nothing Devastated | Fear of Flying | Plastic Fantastic | Love is ..... | Dark Intentions, Desparate Ambitions *new* | Daisies *new* | Rant and Rave | breadbox opens *new*


Fear of Flying

this girl I know
she is quite a sight to behold
beauty, intelligence, and a sparkle in her eyes
all this and something more
told me I had to make her mine
but not this girl
not my girl
she's afraid to fly
fear and trepidation overwhelm her
at the sight of blue skies
I took her by the hand
lead her to the precipice of all things good
as we peaked over the edge we saw an endless drop
I was ready to jump
but not my girl
shes afraid to fly
she said but what if we fall ?
I said what if we do ?
together we can overcome all
but not this girl
shes afraid to fly

This one didn't turn out as originally intended. Someone got in my head. I don't recall the original idea that prompted me to write it.